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Hello, my name's Avery, and you somehow made it to a work-in progress encyclopedia filled with information on an upcoming Sims 4 save file that I'm working on. This save mostly focuses on makeovers of promotional and non-promotional townies as well as townies from older Sims games, but also features talented builders - mostly because I'm not good at building.


Below is a list of requirements you need to download the Membrane Savefile.

Packs required

  • You must own all expansion packs released until Cottage Living.
  • You must own all game packs released until Dream Home Decorator. (yes, including Journey to Batuu).
  • You must own all stuff packs until Paranormal Stuff.
  • You must own all kits until Courtyard Oasis Kit.
  • You must own the two free packs: Grim's Ghoulish Guitar, and Holiday Celebration.
  • This savefile doesn't require the Deluxe Edition of The Sims 4. Likewise, it does not require the Cottage Living preorder items.

Mods required

Mods not required but heavily suggested

Mods used in general gameplay

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